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Art Parties

An occasion to remember...

Give your child a memorable and unique birthday celebration, or celebrate a special event from any location! Book an Art Party today!

Our knowledgeable and fun, Certified Fine Art Instructor has been teaching children art for over a decade!

Book your child's next Birthday Party, or celebrate any special occasion with our private, live and interactive Paint Party Classes.


What's Included?

2.5 hour live and interactive online paint party class, taught by a certified Fine Art Instructor and professional artist.


8x10 stenciled canvas for each child.

Paint set for each child.

A quick reference sheet with tips, techniques and color mixing guides for that particular class.

Party Favors for each child.

A special gift for the child host.

Choose from a variety of child-friendly paintings!


For younger children, Story-time can also be incorporated into the party.

**Children under 10 must be supervised by an adult**


Children's Paint Party Classes are  $45.95CAD per child (+ tax)

Minimum of 6 children in a private class.

(custom artworks are available, email with inquiries and for pricing)


Artist: Ashley Gayle

Check out our

5-minute "Kawaii" drawing tutorial below:


Artist: Ashley Gayle