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Updated: Jun 21, 2020

My work as an artist often entails going through a variety of processes even while creating one singular work. All artworks are transformations. A timeline, gathered together into one final presentation. The process is an enjoyable one, full of surprises and changes along the way; and, it is when I allow myself to dive deep into the process, uninhibited, that I am transformed through my work, and my work is transformed through me.

There are many stages in creating a work of art. There is the initial inspiration, idea or message that usually presents itself as some kind of image in my mind. Then, I begin the planning process; and, depending on the work, the planning phase may be long or short. As I move into my work with the materials and mediums, I mix colours, prep surfaces, lay down backgrounds, foregrounds and everything in between. At times, the final details can take the longest. Even after a work is finished, there is the photographing, scanning, and editing.

I like to use the metaphor of art as alchemy: the artist transforms thoughts and ideas into material reality using artistic skill and vision, following a process through time. Part of what I love so much about creating, is enjoying the transformative process, watching my vision come to life. This pushes me to think deeply about the art that I am creating, and reflect on it's coming into existence, and on it's purpose and meaning.

Watch part of the creative process, as I create "Mannequin One" a piece that has been truly satisfying to create. From it's chance thrift shop discovery while on a road trip with childhood friends, to the final piece and how happy I am with it, this is an artistic process that I have welcomed, and will welcome again.


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